About Us

Global Network Store is an emerging online fashion store and it is part of the Global Business Network.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurial freelance models, from all part of the world, to establish their businesses, raise their profile and to access the global markets.

Our members are mainly involved in the fashion, fitness, and health and beauty industries and therefore our focus are with emerging fashion designers, freelance models, personal fitness trainers, makeup artists, hairstylists and a wide range of health and beauty service providers.

We also recruit social media influencers to help them develop their business and to make money online by becoming our Affiliate Marketers. This is now a rapidly growing new business concept and we aim to be a market leader in this field.

We believe that bringing together a good team of highly talented, enthusiastic and hard working young people, we can make a significant opportunity for them to seek financial security and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

It is all about empowering young women, developing their personal skills, to seek many opportunities and to earn the highest respect from the international community.

We do not discriminate anybody from wherever they come from as we treat each other equally.

Please support our members and buy from our online fashion store. We will truly appreciate it.